Nutritional Therapy

Both Dr. Kathy Schklair and Dr. Vanessa Koutalidis specialize in healthy nutrition and incorporate it when developing a wellness plan for their patients.  Throughout the years it has become apparent that unless people are willing to address their diet and lifestyle habits, they may not get well and will be susceptible to more pain and illness in the future.  Therefore, good nutrition is an essential part of your health care regimen and they are committed to helping you attain it.

The range of nutritional services varies from general advice to specialized diet plans, based on the desire and need of the patient.  Some go on a one week cleanse to give their bodies a rest from toxins and certain foods that are harmful in their diet.  In addition to losing weight, patients report increased energy and a lessening of their symptoms.  Others employ an allergy elimination diet and abstain from certain trigger foods for 3 weeks and are then re-evaluated.  Many times nutritional supplements are added to promote healing.  Either way, the doctors can customize a program to fit your individual health needs.

The majority of Americans are overweight and many patients come in with the desire to lose weight.  Often times the extra weight adds to their discomfort and is linked to other problems that the patient is having.  The doctors work with a company called Isagenix that has a 9- and 30-day cleansing program, in which patients are successful at losing weight while at the same time cleansing their body of toxins.  It provides structure to those who have lacked discipline in the past, and works well in cases of stubborn fat loss.  Ask your doctor which plan is best for you. 

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