Your First Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit

Your initial visit is one of the most important since through a detailed consultation and examination, your doctor will assess the cause and severity of your condition and will begin to formulate the appropriate treatment plan.  The doctor may require X-rays or diagnostic testing such as a MRI, in order to further determine the nature of your problem.  Please plan on spending at least an hour or more so that your condition can be assessed thoroughly.

How soon can I make an appointment?

Generally most new patients can be seen on the same day and we will work with your schedule to get you in as soon as possible within the next 24 hours.

What should I bring?

It is helpful to bring any past X-rays, blood tests within the last year or so, and any former MRI reports or other diagnostic findings.  Don’t worry if you don’t have copies, the doctors can request your records with your written authorization. It is also helpful to dress comfortably and bring shorts if your problem involves your legs or knees, and please bring your insurance card.

Consultation and Examination

One of island city chiropractic's examination room

You will meet with one of the doctors who will review your health history and determine if chiropractic can help you.  Standard orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests will be performed to help determine the cause(s) of your problem.

Will I get adjusted on the first visit?

After reviewing your history and exam, your doctor will assess the level of care that you will receive.  All patients receive some form of treatment that addresses their problem, but may not get adjusted if the condition is too severe and there is too much pain or spasm.  Your doctor may also need to get additional tests done first.  However, it is our intention to provide you with relief and initiate healing as soon as possible.

What about home care?

The doctors will give you home care recommendations that could include ice, moist heat, and specific suggestions regarding posture, stretching, sleep positions and exercise.

What will it cost me?

The doctors work with many insurance companies and will verify your benefits within 24 hours.  There are also affordable rates available for those without insurance.  You may call ahead of time and provide us with your information and the doctors will gladly look into what it would cost and get back to you.

When will I come back?

That depends on your condition.  If severe, you will likely return the following day, but typically patients reschedule within a couple of days or a week.